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Manual Caravan Satellite installation


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Globesat Caravan Satellite TV System

Digital TV

This is probably on of the easiest to use of the manual "through the roof" satellite dishes. What’s more, it’s easy to install and has excellent performance characteristics even near the fringes of available satellite coverage. Although the dish itself measures just 60cm across, it has the performance of a conventional dish of approx. 80cm.

Its special design gives it many benefits including superb wind resistance both when travelling and in action. When the Globesat is lowered for travel it measures 280mm, just under 12"


Dish type: Cassegraine
Dish size: 57cm (approx. equivalent to 80 cm offset dish)
L.N.B. type: Universal (suitable for analogue & digital)
Mounting option/s: Through-roof installation
Colour: Grey
Included equipment: Adjustable pole, 10M co-ax cable, instructions, angles chart
Dimensions: 12" high when travelling. Requires hole size of 41mm diameter

Supplied and Fitted from:
Globesat 60cm Satellite - £465.00
Globesat 60cm Twin LNB Satellite - £495.00

Maxview Crank up MK2 Caravan Satellite TV System


Digital TV

The updated replacement to the incredibly popular and successful Maxview Crank Up Systems, now featuring an improved braking mechanism to prevent movement in the wind. Now available in either a large 65cm dish or a huge 85cm dish these systems offer superb performance at a very reasonable price point that is unrivalled.

We get asked a lot about how easy are the crank up systems to use and they really are - all you need to do is know where south is and point the dish south and move across to your desired satellite (ideally used with a sat finding meter).

The Maxview 65cm Manual Crank Up Satellite System really does offer superb performance for the money even more so when you remember that as standard it features a Twin LNB for Sky+ users or those wanting to pause and record TV or record different channels or even watch TV on two separate receivers. When parked it is only 17cm high and robustly made as with the older systems and features a 3 Year Guarantee.


  • High Quality 0.2db Universal Twin LNB.
  • Unit weight 65cm: 9Kg. 85cm 10Kg
  • 65cm & 85cm Offset Aluminium Antenna.
  • 65cm: 36dB gain. 85cm: 38.1dB gain.
  • Unit height when parked: 17cm.
  • Length when parked: 65cm: 100cm - 85cm 117cm
  • Width when parked: 85cm
  • Length when locking on: 65cm: 65cm - 85cm: 87cm
  • Height when locked on: 65cm: 96cm - 85cm: 113cm
Supplied and Fitted from:
Maxview 65cm MK2 Crank up £625.00
Maxview 85cm MK2 Crank up £675.00

Camos Crank up & Crank up Plus Caravan Satellite TV System


Digital TV

This new satellite system from CAMOS represents a real breakthrough. Instead of a conventional dish, the Flat-Sat uses a planar antenna to catch a satellite’s beam. This is a very efficient method and enables the “dish” to be much smaller, taking up less room on a caravans roof and making it easier both to install and use. There are 2 models, measuring 50cm & 65cm across but has a performance of a larger diameter dish. And, when it’s in the parked position, the unit’s height is just 12cm.

As well as being small in size, this Camos system has the additional advantage of being light in weight. At just 5.5 Kgs & 6.5Kgs, it’s almost half the weight of other crank-up systems.

The antenna’s design makes it much more resistant to wind than a normal dish, allowing it to be used in conditions where other systems would have to be lowered for safety.

This dish is a lot more tolerant in terms of adjustment than most conventional dishes. Although, obviously, they need to be pointed at the satellite, the angle of adjustment is less critical. After a bit of practice, setting the system up should take under a minute.

The dish is controlled from inside the caravan using a ceiling-mounted cranking handle.


Dish type:
Planar Type
Dish size:
40cm (equivalent to 55 cm offset dish) Camos "Plus": 56.5 cms (equivalent to 65cm)
L.N.B. type: Universal
(suitable for analogue & digital)
Mounting option/s:
Through the roof, Crank up
5.5kgs Camos "Plus": 6.5kgs
2 Years

Supplied and Fitted from:
Camos Crankup £550.00
Camos Crankup Twin LNB £595.00
Camos Crankup "Plus" £650.00
Camos Crankup "Plus" Twin LNB £695.00

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