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Automatic Caravan Satellite TV Dish installation


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Maxview Target Caravan Satellite TV Systems

Digital TV

Following on from the success of the 'Seeker Wireless' Maxview is proud to launch the new 'Target' fully automatic satellite system.

The key difference is the 'Target' is fully controlled by the new control box with a new user interface. The unique control box is simple in design, intuitive to use, and still benefits from the USB updates. Welcome to the Target, by Maxview. Press and go, the convenience of having all your TV channels ready to watch in an instant at the touch of a button

>5 pre-programmed satellites as standard (ASTRA 1, 2, 3, Hotbird & Thor)*
>Easy to use wired control box
>Average search time 30-60 seconds typical
>Future proof with free software updates via a USB stick
>Low stream line profile, only 17cm in park position
>All weather resistant construction
>'Easy adjust' manual skew system
>For permanent mounting, but can be transferred to another vehicle
>Compatible with any SD and HD Free to air satellite receivers including SKY™
>3 year guarantee
>Designed in the UK

Future proof design:
Periodically all automatic satellite systems may require an update to enable them to lock on to the selected signal.
We have designed the Target with this in mind making it easy for you to update. Simply load new software onto a USB stick and insert into the control box. Your system is then upgraded to locate and lock onto the new satellite settings

> 12V operation
> Maximum 2A consumption during search
> Average search time 30-60 seconds typical
> Automatic lowering ignition safety system
> Gain (65cm) 38.1dB, Gain (85cm) 39.4dB
> High Quality 0.2db Universal LNB
> Control Box allows any Satellite Receiver or Plus recording receiver to be connected
> Stores up to 5 satellites
> Pre-programmed with 5 satellites (Astra variants 1/2/3, Hotbird & Thor)
* Additional satellite packs will be available for download

- Antenna Unit Weight - 10kg 65cm, 11kg 85cm
- 65cm or 85cm Offset Aluminium Antenna
- 36dB gain

Supplied and Fitted from:
Maxview Target single LNB 65cm £1600.00
Maxview Target single LNB 85cm £1700.00

Oyster Cytrac DX Caravan Satellite TV Systems

Oyster Satellite

Digital TV

The Cytrac® DX - Cutting-edge technology in a compact design for incredible reception range

We have been setting standards in the development of mobile satellite systems for more than 20 years. Now we are introducing our latest masterpiece, the Cytrac® DX system which has been specifically developed to meet the stringent requirements for devices mounted to mobile homes and recreational vehicles.

The innovative antenna technology that facilitates the enormous reception range forms the heart of the Cytrac® DX system. It comprises 1016 interlinked single antennas arranged in a honeycomb pattern. This results in a reception range that is several hundred kilometres larger than that of anequally-sized flat-dish antenna.

The light-weight Cytrac® DX system is only 14 cm high. Thanks to its compact design, it fits onto almost any vehicle roof. Its robust exterior unit is made of cast aluminium and requires only little space as it rotates in open position only. The system is mechanically reinforced to resist even strong gusts of wind. Its surfaces are made of highly weather resistant PC-ASA plastic to shed off hail without taking any damage. A hail cover is therefore obsolete.

Operating the Cytrac® DX system is easy and intuitive as it automatically aims itself at the selected satellite.

Latest reception technology
The core of the Cytrac® DX system consists of 1016 interlinked single antennas arranged in a honeycomb pattern. The power supply to the two polarisation levels is strictly separated to attenuate any crosstalk, thereby creating a previously unknown signal purity that becomes especially obvious with HD channels. Signal accumulation uses the latest mathematical calculation methods to realise the stunning reception range.

Weight: ~ 17 kg / Height: ~ 14 cm / Dish Size 56cm x 56cm

Specific features
• Small, compact antenna for space-saving installation on the vehicle roof
• Fully automated satellite searching and aiming in 30 to 60 seconds
• LEM technology for reduced search times (system stores last elevation angle)
• Automatic retraction at vehicle start
• High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials
• Solid, reliable design using PC-ASA plastic that even resists hail

A TWIN-LNB variant is available as an option. It allows two receivers to be connected, supplying different programmes to two TV sets.

Supplied and Fitted from:
Oyster Cytrac DX single LNB - £1950.00
Oyster Cytrac DX twin LNB - £2100.00

Maxview Seeker Caravan Satellite TV Systems

Digital TV

Maxview's Omnisat Seeker Wireless system has been designed with the user in mind. Simple to use, easy and flexible installation options with elegant and modern styling.

The ultimate in convience along with its latest features surpass any other automatic satellite system available on the market.

The unique wireless backlit LCD control panel features animated display icons feeding back antenna status to the user at all times. The wireless feature allows unlimited mounting options and easy installation, making unsightly cable runs and fixing problems a thing of the past.

The control box comes with unique versitile mounting brackets offering flexible installation options and can be coupled with any satellite receiver (not supplied) to give the ultimate package

The Omnisat Seeker Wireless - A sophisticated, modern and innovative solution.

Available with either a 65cm satellite dish for use with receiving Freesat channels in the UK and Central Europe, or the larger 85cm version for an extended coverage area.

- Low Streamline Profile 17cm
-"Easy Adjust" Manual Skew Skew
- Twin LNB as standard - Designed for use with SKY+ receiver or free to air receiver with hard drive recording. Alternatively can be used to feed two separate receivers for independent working
- Robust design solution utilising the latest advances in Computer Aided Design and Simulation software
- Complete with all installation cables and accessories - plug and play

- 12V operation
- Maximum 2A consumption during search
- Average search time: 30-60 seconds typical
- Automatic lowering ignition safety system
- High Quality 0.2db Universal Twin LNB
- Stores up to 15 satellites
- Pre-programmed with satellites including Astra 19.2E, Hotbird and Astra 28.2E
- Control Box allows any Satellite Receiver to be connected

- Antenna Unit Weight - 10kg (65cm) 11 kg (85cm)
- 65cm/85cm Offset Aluminium Antenna
- 36dB gain (65cm) 38.1dB gain(85cm)

- Sleek modern styling
- Wireless or hard wired (included) as standard
- Backlit LCD display
- Stand alone or magnetic wall mount bracket (included)
- Simple to operate
- Clock/Temperature display

Supplied and Fitted from:
Maxview Seeker Twin LNB 65cm £2100.00
Maxview Seeker Twin LNB 85cm £2200.00

Oyster Vision 3 Caravan Satellite TV Systems

Oyster Satellite
Oyster Satellite


Digital TV

Oyster® - First-class convenience

The Oyster® satellite system is easy to operate and provides a full range of programmes at utmost convenience. The 85 cm antenna dish of the Oyster® system provides TV and radio programmes throughout Europe, in Northern Africa and the Middle East (European programmes, not most UK programmes)

Wide reception range and brilliant image definition combined with fully digital satellite aiming ensure the reception of your favourite programmes in remote locations such as the Canary Islands or Greece. Also, the system is very tolerant against adverse reception conditions in poor weather. This is due to the large size of the antenna dish, which significantly influences number and reception quality of programmes.

Specific Features
• Fully automatic aiming within 30 - 60 seconds (typically)
• LEM technology: Last Elevation Memory for reduced search times (antenna searches at the elevation angle of last reception)
• Automatic retraction at vehicle start
• Automatic satellite swap by channel change
• Highest quality construction using robust materials

Innovative swivel-head technology
Only the head of the antenna rotates.The antenna body remains fixed which has many advantages:
• Reduced power consumption
• Lower space requirement
• Optimised mechanical load

Weight: ~ 14 kg / Height: ~ 22 cm / Dish Size 85cm

SKEW: Is a convenient way of optimising reception range. It is especially effective when travelling Europe‘s southwestern and southeastern holiday regions.
TWIN-LNB: (for two TV sets) a convenient option for multiple participants providing two satellite ports for a second receiver or TV set with integrated receiver.
QUAD-LNB: (for four TV sets) a convenient option for multiple participants providing two satellite ports for two receivers or TV set with integrated receiver.

Supplied and Fitted from:
Oyster 85cm Vision 3 £1995.00, Twin LNB - £2145.00

Oyster 85cm Vision 3 Auto-skew - £2195.00,
Twin/Auto skew - £2395.00
Oyster 85cm Vision 3 Quad - £2545.00, Quad LNB/Auto skew - £ 2795.00

Oyster Premium TV Systems for Caravans

Oyster Satellite


Oyster Satellite



Digital TV

The perfect integration of satellite antenna and TV set We have committed ourselves to supply products that not only fulfil the demands of discriminating customers in terms of quality, but also when it comes to easy and
hassle-free operation.

The latest feature of our premium satellite system is also the cleverest one! Now you can operate the „Oyster® TV“ set and the satellite antenna using the same new system-dedicated remote control.

At the touch of a button, the satellite antenna unfolds automatically, searches the satellite required and, within a few seconds, supplies the channel you have selected on your TV display in optimal HD quality

And you can listen to your favourite radio station in optimal sound quality even when travelling abroad.The LED panel displays show crystal-clear images with radiant colours.

The high contrast ratio ensures top-quality image quality even in recreational vehicles, vans or camper trailers. The integrated HD tuner is compatible with DVB-S, DVBS2, DVB-T and DVB-T2.

Using the USB ports, you can record ongoing programmes on an external hard disk for time-shifted playback. Of course, you can always record your favourite programme.

  19“ 21.5“ 24“
Display sizes 47 cm 55 cm 61 cm
Dimensions excluding base 43.7 x 26.1 x 4.6 cm 50.2 x 29.9 x 4.6 cm 56.3 x 33.0 x 4.6 cm
Weight (excluding base) 2.5 kg 3.1 kg 3.5 kg
Resolution (pixel) 1366 x 768 HD Ready 1920 x 1080 Full HD 1920 x 1080 Full HD
Connections HDMI / USB 2.0 / CI+ HDMI / USB 2.0 / CI+ HDMI / USB 2.0 / CI+
EU energy efficiency category B B B

Specific features
• High-end device - with ultra-flat design
• LED TV -
fascinating image quality in HD resolution
• HD-tuner -
for DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2
• Connection of external devices -
via USB 2.0 and HDMI ports
• Universal installation -
thanks to VESA standard mount
• System remote control -
available for Oyster® Premium, Cytrac® DX Premium, (combination of „Oyster® TV“ set and satellite antenna)
• EPG -
Electronic Programme Guide and timer programming
• Module slot -
CI / CI+ slot
• Mains switch
- On / Off

Supplied and Fitted from:
Oyster Cytrac Premium
19" £2400.00 - 21.5" £2450.00 - 24" £2500.00
Oyster Vision 3 Premium
19" £2445.00 - 21.5" £2495.00 - 24" £2545.00

Oyster Vision 3 Premium Auto/skew
19" £2645.00 - 21.5" £2695.00 - 24" £2745.00

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