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Motorhome Wifi iBoost Omni-Directional System

Motorhome WiFi have totally re-engineered there fitted iBoost product to give you better performance and versatility. The high performance WiFi radio has been relocated into a smart internal control unit, giving better visibility of the LED signal strength meter. The unit, designed to be mounted inside a wardrobe or cupboard, also has a dedicated WiFi router providing a secure WiFi network inside the van and 1x Ethernet socket for any hard wired devices. The unit is independently switched and fused and the roof mounted antenna connects via SMA cable.

The system has been designed with complete ease of use – compatible with any device which is WiFi enabled – connect your laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone and even kindle – all at the same time! No drivers to install on your devices and no wires between you and the system.

No manual adjustment, routing cables or application of suction cups are required. Once the antenna is installed on your roof near to a rooflight, simply raise the antenna using the ratchet lever when you arrive at your destination. The antenna will clear the roofline of your vehicle and benefit from an unobstructed 360 field of degree view. Once setup, the system will remember the settings until you move location, allowing you to connect additional devices with no extra setting up required.

As the iBoost Omni-Directional is a two tiered system, your internal network remains “invisible” to the remote hotspot you are connected to. The benefit of this is twofold – sites like The Caravan Club only allow you to attach one device at a time; with the iBoost as far as the site is concerned just one device is attached (the iBoost) and you can happily attach all of your devices wirelessly inside the van. File or printer sharing between your devices is safe and secure also.

The ibooster allow you to pick up Wireless Access Points from great distances when on a campsite allowing you to use the modern facilities popping up on most campsites for you to go online when away from home.

Motorhome WiFi ibooster also allow you to use WiFi AP's (Access Points) from afar such as some restaraunt chains (McDonalds) or coffee shops.

The web interface has been fully customised by MotorhomeWiFi to allow you to easily setup the system using any device with a web browser.

  • Internal control box (20cm x 15cm x 4cm)
  • 1x Ethernet connection for a wired device.
  • SMA Antenna Connection (for roof antenna), Fuse, 12v DC Input and On/Off Switch
  • Powerful marine grade active Omni-Directional antenna
  • Ratchet Lever for raising and lowering
  • 3m of SMA cable to connect your antenna to your control box
  • Instruction leaflet (it’s only 1 sheet, it’s that easy to use


Supplied and Fitted from:
Motorhome WiFi iBoost omni-directional Aerial - £450.00

Motorhome WiFi Low Profile 4G MIMO LTE Roof Mount Antenna

The Low Profile 4G LTE MIMO Roof Mounted Antenna for your motorhome, panel van conversion, VW or caravan. The low profile antenna is a perfect solution for a tidy, fitted mobile broadband installation in a choice of white or black.

Suitable for use with a 4G MiFi device such as our Huawei E5372 or Huawei B315 commercial grade router.

The 4G MIMO antenna is a dual polarised antenna housing two powerful passive antenna elements given the required standard for 4G LTE MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output). Not only does the antenna cover all the European 4G LTE wavebands, but is fully backwards compatible to 3G and 2G signals as and when they are available.

The antenna maintains a high level of performance even when mounted on a non-metallic surface such as a coachbuilt motorhome or caravan.

The Low Profile Antenna is intended to be positioned either directly above where you intend to mount your router internally or where the cable entry can be conveniently routed within the vehicle.

Motorhome WiFi have created a bespoke fitting mount which means once the cables have been fed through your roof, themounting plate screws in to place from inside your vehicle to make a tight, fully weatherproof seal.

  • Height: 2.4 Inches / 62mm
  • Width: 6.7 Inches / 170mm

Huawei E5372 MiFi

Huawei E5372 MiFi  is the latest generation 4G LTE Mobile Hotspots. It maintains all of the standard features and ease of use that we have come to expect from Huawei’s mobile hotspots. It is factory unlocked which gives you a great advantage over other network locked devices.

It has an elegant look and a curved matte design. The 1.45″ LCD interactive screen on the front of the unit clearly displays important detailed information with regards to connection status, speed, data used and the amount of devices connected via WiFi (compatible up to 11 devices).

The Huawei E5372 also consumes less energy with the power management system making your battery last longer. The battery lasts for 6 hours and boasts a 300 hour standby time

Supporting all UK and EU freqencies of 4G LTE upto 150Mbps, the E5372 is backwards comptable to 42Mbps 3G (DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS) and 2G (EDGE/GPRS/GSM).

Huawei B315 Router

Huawei B315 is a router designed for a fixed installation in your vehicle.The router allows up to 32 wireless connections and 4 lan connections to share internet access via its built-in 3g/4g modem

This device has the following benefits over the E5372:

  • Screw Fit SMA External Antenna Connections
  • USB 2.0 interface (for external hard drive)
  • 4x RJ45 interface (for wired devices)
  • 1* RJ11 interface (Built in VOIP client, attachment of external telephone)

Supplied and Fitted from:
Motorhome WiFi 4g antenna with Huawei E5372 MiFi - £395.00
Motorhome WiFi 4g antenna with Huawei B315 Router - £450.00

Oyster Internet & TV Satellite System

Oyster Internet Satellite

Oyster Internet Satellite


Oyster Internet Satellite


Oyster Internet Satellite

With the Oyster Internet, ten Haaft GmbH have integrated Internet and TV reception into one single system. At the push of a button, the intelligent system begins searching for the desired satellite. The system will automatically lock on to either the TV Satellite or the internet satellite (ASTRA 3) as defined by the user. Changing the function between TV and internet is also as simple as pushing a button.

Dependable, Europe wide internet service and individual contracts are offered from the service providers such as: IP Copter, Broadband Everywhere and more as the system comes with an unlocked modem. The sending of emails or surfing the web is no longer restricted thanks to the comfortable technology of the mobile internet system. Telephoning via the internet is also made possible - independent of any mobile phone network. All the communication comforts of home on the move.

Thanks to the 85 cm parabolic antenna, your favorite TV or radio channels can be enjoyed throughout Europe even as far as North Africa! The built in free to air receiver is capable of receiving television and radio channels on numerous satellites, giving you the choice of thousands of channels throughout Europe.

Broadband internet and TV reception for motorhomes with simple operation, Fully automatic connection, Surf, email and telephone over broadband, First class TV reception , Highest German quality

A contract with an internet service providers (ISP) is required to enable the broadband function. The range is set by the ISP. Tariffs and charges:

Most Popular ISP's others are available

Broadband Everywhere's advertised footprint:

IP Copters advertised footprint:

• Digital satellite locating at the simple touch of a button
• Fully automatic search within 30 - 60 seconds (typically)
• Motorised optimum Skew setting
• Interactive LNB (iLNB) offers 2-way internet functionality
• IP modem
• Strong transmission signal due to 85 cm parabolic antenna
• Superb TV reception range
• CI card slot system: 2 CI slots for encrypted channels (module and card not included)
• Satellite mouse with channel display for concealed installation of receiver in a storage compartment
• NEW: Software and channel list update free of charge via satellite
• On-Screen-Display: simple and convenient control of all functions via on-screen menus
• TV-set volume-control by Oyster remote control
• Multiple audio and video inputs and outputs
• Aerodynamic design for low wind resistance
• Water repellent design means no freezing in winter
• Highest quality construction using robust materials
• Automatic retraction at vehicle start
• QM certificated manufacturer with ISO 9001

Specifications are subject to change without notice

All our systems are completely 12volt with a wireless router giving you a hotspot inside your vehicle for all your mobile devices or alternately you can hardwire from the router.

Height: approx. 23 cm
Weight: approx. 17 kg
Ø 85 cm

3 year manufacturer warranty
ISP: unlocked.

Supplied and Fitted from:
Oyster 85cm Auto-skew WiFi Internet & HD TV - £3625.00

Crystop Autosat Internet & TV Systems

Crystop Satellite


Crystop Internet Satellite TV

Need internet access in a vehicle with similar functionality to what they’d expect at home or at work, the AutoSat 2Si offers just that. This system gives reliable web access in almost every part of Europe and beyond.

Based on Crystop's AutoSat 2 satellite TV system, Autosat 2Si is simple to operate and can also be used to receive TV signals, although not at the same time. Additional hardware consists of a special 2-way LNB outside and a specially designed modem on the inside of the vehicle.

This system gives reliable web access in almost every part of Europe and beyond.

Crystop have cleverly fitted the standard LNB using an offset bracket next to the iLNB, so it is possible to receive a satellite feed from ASTRA 28.2° East whilst also connected to the internet via ASTRA 23.5° East.

A contract with an internet service providers (ISP), e. g. IP copter or Broadband Everywhere is required to enable the broadband function. The range is set by the ISP. Tariffs and charges are available at:

Most Popular ISP's others are available

Broadband Everywhere's advertised footprint:

IP Copters advertised footprint:

Operating voltage: 12V
Dish type: Off-set oval dish
Dish size: 85cm
L.N.B. type: Internet LNB and Universal TV (suitable for digital and analogue transmissions).
Typical search time – after first use: Less than one minute
Satellite search options: (available satellites will vary according to geographical location) Astra 2, Eurobird, Astra 1, Hotbird, Atlantic Bird 2, Atlantic Bird 3, Hispasat, Thor, Turksat, Hellassat, Astra 3A, Eutelsat W3, Sirius
Weight of dish & motor: 20 Kgs
Current consumption during search: Approx. 3 Amps
Current consumption when in use and search completed: 0 Amps
Other features: Auto-skew
Dish height when down: 23 cms
Warranty: 3 years

All our systems are completely 12volt with a wireless router giving you a hotspot inside your vehicle for all your mobile devices or alternately you can hardwire from the router.

A Twin LNB (Auto-skew) version is also available for SKY + and Recordable Satellite Receivers or x2 TV's at different locations.

Supplied and Fitted from:
Crystop 85cm Auto-skew WiFi Internet & TV - £3975.00
Crystop 85cm Auto-skew WiFi Internet & TV Twin LNB - £4225.00

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