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Accessories for Motorhomes

Automatic Satellite Systems

Automatic Motorhome Satellite Dish Systems
Simple one button press self seeking satellite systems. No more hours and hours looking for a satellite signal. British TV reception in poor signal areas and abroad. Dishes giving more range of footprint.

Satellite Domes

Automatic Motorhome Satellite Dome Systems
Simple one button press self seeking satellite domes systems. No more hours and hours looking for a satellite signal. British TV reception in poor signal areas and abroad. Inside a dome so can be used in strong winds.

Motorhome Solar Panels

Motorhome Solar Panels
Get the most of the sun with solar power (free power). From small solar panels too large solar panels. Different ways to charge batteries (Leisure & Engine) Display etc.

Motorhome Awnings

Awnings for Motorhomes
The compact and lightweight awning, secured inside its aluminium case. It adds a new dimension to your vehicle.

Refillable Gas Cylinders

Refillable Motorhome Gas Cylinders
Why struggle connecting, lifting and carrying heavy gas bottles and then pay 50% more for the gas than you have to.Then when you travel to Europe and you run out of gas, it becomes a nightmare as you cannot exchange your empty cylinder for a full one. Refillable Gas Cylinders are the answer.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning for Motorhomes
A range of air conditioning units. To keep you cool. Running From 240volts or can be used on 12volts whilst driving.

Internet WiFi Motorhome Solutions

More and more people rely on the Internet to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Different options such as wi-fi, 3G/4G or Satellite internet. We have a range of products to help you on your way.

Cruise Control

Motorhome Cruise Control
Great for saving fuel and your knees.

Alarms & Immobilisers

Alarms & Immobilisers to Motorhomes
Alarms, protecting, Cab doors, Rear Doors, bonnet, cab windows. Alarm will control vehicles central locking (if fitted), flashing LED and more...

Bike Racks

Bike Racks for Motorhomes
Lightweight aluminum bike carriers fitted to the motorhome.

Air Assisted Suspension

Motorhome Air Assisted Suspension
Kits which are fitted in-between the standard steel springs of your motorhome suspension and the vehicle chassis, and provides enhancements in terms of the stability, the fatigue life of the vehicle and the comfort of the passengers.


Generators for Motorhomes
Onboard generators giving mains power (240v) when away off site. Petrol, Gas and Diesel generators available.

TV Aerials Motorhome TV Aerials
Omni directional aerial and directional aerials which will pick up Digital TV signals.
Swivel Seats

Swivel Seats for Motorhomes
Many motorcaravanners feel the need for swivelling front seats to create extra living space or even just to ease the process of getting from cab to living space. So whether looking for these new features or simply upgrading from an indifferent product these seat swivels are for you.

Tracking Systems

Motorhome Trackers
Insurance approved tracking systems. Security that your vehicle is protected from vanishing forever.

Manual Satellite Systems

Manual Fitted Motorhome Satellite Systems
Fitted manual satellite systems without the cost of an automatic. . British TV reception in poor signal areas and abroad.

Internet Satellite

Broadband Internet Motorhome Satellite Dish Systems

If you need to have reliable Internet access while you're away in your vehicle, satellite access is the only option. No matter where you are in Europe, we have a system that will enable you to access the web in just the same way that you do when you are at home or at work. Systems can also be used for TV reception too.

Roof Bars & Roof Racks

Motorhome Roof Racks & Roof Bars
Aluminium roof racks and roof bars for overhead storage


Lights for Motorhomes
Extra LED lighting. Awning lights, Spot Lights, Working light. Everything you need to see.

Phone Kits Motorhome Phone Kits
Professional built in phone kits. To keep you legal and safe on the roads. Bluetooth working from your car stereo system.
Manual Freestanding Satellite Systems Manual Freestanding Satellite Systems
Manual satellite Tripod systems without the cost of an automatic. . British TV reception in poor signal areas and abroad.
Multimedia Systems Multimedia Systems for Motorhomes
From Built in Satellite Navigation systems, audio systems, ipod's, Game stations, Tv systems. We can advise you for a custom bespoke system.
Batteries Motorhome Leisure Batteries
Additional Batteries, Replacement batteries. from 80ah to 270ah.
Locks Locks & Lock Protection for Motorhomes
Additional locks, which are key operated for extra security.Also making a great visual deterrent.
Narcotic Gas Attack Motorhome Gas Attacks
Protecting the air you breathe at night. Gas alerts will detect narcotic or ‘sleeping-gas’ sending an alarm to wake you.
Reversing Cameras Motorhome Rear View Cameras
Protecting both the rear of your vehicle and your cargo with multi camera options. Great for Blind spots on Left hand drive motorhomes.
Inverters Inverters for Motorhomes
From small 150watt inverters to run Laptops to 3000watt to run microwaves and more. All the more you need to be independent without hook up.
TV's, Freeview and Satellite Receivers

TV's, Freeview and Satellite Receivers
10" to 19" 12volt TV's with built-in DVD players, Freeview and many other features .Fitted with many options tilt brackets, removable brackets. Multi TV screens. Freeview Recordable Boxes or standard boxes Satellite Freesat receivers, SKY receivers and Free to Air boxes Recording boxes. No contracts, no pay monthly. We can explain everything

Top Boxes

Motorhome Top & Rear Boxes
Made of superior quality ABS-PLUS for more resistance to impacts and weather conditions, Top Boxes and Rear boxes in different sizes.

Battery Chargers Batteries Chargers for Motorhomes
Battery to Battery chargers, Additional chargers for starter batteries.

Motorhome Ladders
Rear fitted ladders for access to the roof

Extra Points

Extras for Motorhomes
We can fit extra Battery Displays, lights or Satellite, TV, Gas, Power points Internally and externally.

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