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Motorhome Cruise Control installation


If you already have a cruise control or wanting it swapped from motorhome to motorhome, we can fit yours for you. Please contact us with your system and we will be happy to help.

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Motorhome Cruise Control

Motorhome Cruise Control

Cruise Control Stalk

Cruise Control Keypad

Current technology in motorhomes now means that more and more functions are carried out electronically with motorhomes now using more computing power for example ABS braking, traction control, power steering and the engine throttle.With the latest motorhome cruise controls takes advantage of this electronic throttle and links directly into the throttle management to duplicate the speed/throttle ratio whilst driving. This results in a much more reliable motorhome cruise control system to be fitted to your motorhome.

The benefits of a cruise control on your motorhome are:

IMPROVE DRIVING COMFORT - Cruise control improves your driving comfort in your motorhome on those long journeys abroad - helping reduce the stresses of driving and eliminate tiredness and sore knees.
SAVE MONEY - Driving with cruise control on is more economical and improves fuel consumption, as well as reducing harmful exhaust emissions and therefore minimising damage to the environment.
INCREASE SAFETY - With the ever increasing number of speed cameras on our roads - cruise control will prevent expensive fines and help safeguard your driving licence from accidentally overspeeding.

With built-in safety features that disengage the system if the following conditions occur:
Operation of the motorhome brake pedal.
When the OFF key of the control
When module is pressed.
Excessive motorhome engine rpm.
When the set speed is reduced by 50%.
When the set speed is increased by up to 150%.
When the motorhome ignition is turned off.

Drive by Wire - Cruise Control. Suitable for installation on vehicles:
Renault Master, Fiat Ducato >99, Peugeot Boxer >99, Citroen Relay >99
Drive by Wire with CAN BUS - Cruise Control. Suitable for installation on vehicles:
Mercedes Sprinter
Electronic throttle cable - Cruise Control. Suitable for installation on vehicles:
Ford Transit, Fiat Ducato 93<99, Peugeot Boxer 93<99, Citroen Relay 93<99

Most popular motorhomes shown, other vehicles available, please contact us for further details.

Supplied and Fitted from:
Drive by Wire Cruise Control £395.00
Drive by Wire with CAN BUS Cruise Control £495.00
Electronic throttle cable Cruise Control £495.00

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